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Keep an eye on your back! Ergonomics: How to Work Comfortably at Your Microscope

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck, pain in your back, or sore shoulders, arms, or hands after spending all day in front of a microscope? This is probably due to a lack of ergonomics, either in the equipment you're using or in the way you're sitting. Ergonomics and good posture go hand in hand. When you have the right ergonomically designed microscope, you’ll avoid strain and suffering by positioning your body correctly. Ergonomics can also help you be more productive at work by keeping you comfortable and preventing long-term injuries. In this blog article, we'll talk about Olympus ergonomic solutions for routine microscopy and offer some advice on how to sit at your microscope.

Microscopes with Ergonomic Designs Encourage Good Posture and Reduce Strain. 

Flexible viewing heads, a light intensity manager, a low slide stage, and low-positioned microscope controls are just a few of Olympus' ergonomic solutions for regular microscopy. Because it was developed with all of these ergonomics in mind, the Olympus BX46 upright microscope is well-suited for clinical routine microscopy. The BX46 microscope's frame features a fixed ultra-low slide stage that allows you to comfortably rest your arms and hands on your desk's surface. When shifting or changing slides, the ultra-low stage decreases the distance your hands must travel. It also has low-profile microscope controls, allowing you to keep a 90- to 120-degree elbow angle, which is perfect for avoiding strain.

Features Can be Adapted to Individual Users’ Ideal Positions

The BX46 microscope also has a unique ergonomic observation head that not only tilts up and down, but also slides front and back and adjusts in height. This one-of-a-kind design allows you to keep your back and neck straight, allowing your spine to adopt its natural curve. This ergonomic head may be adjusted to fit any user, ensuring that you are comfortable all day. Finally, the BX46 microscope has a light intensity controller. The light intensity for each objective can be customised, and the microscope will remember your selection. As a result, while changing objectives quickly while studying your sample, the light intensity will automatically adapt, avoiding the need to move your arm to adjust the light for each objective.

Ergonomics and Posture Awareness are Essential for Good Health

The ergonomic features of a microscope can help ease the aches and pains caused by routine microscopy, but it must be utilised in conjunction with proper seating posture. If you're going to be working at your microscope for an extended period of time, make sure to evaluate and fix your posture using the guidelines listed below.

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