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A Guide to Brightfield Microscopy

Brightfield microscopy, a fundamental technique in the field of optics, unveils the secrets of the microscopic world using the power of visible light.

How to Move Your Microscope Safely

Sometimes, you might need to move your microscope from one place to another. It may seem easy, but it can be a daunting task. It's best to talk to a Micronix service tech before moving it.

A Comprehensive Guide to Brightfield Microscopy

Brightfield microscopy is used in biological and medical laboratories to examine and study unstained, transparent, or semi-transparent specimens. 

Making the Most of Your Microscope: Choosing the Right LED Light Source

LED light sources are becoming increasingly popular for microscopy due to their superior features, brightness, and efficiency. When choosing the right LED light source for your microscope, there are several factors to consider. 

An In-Depth Guide to Microscope Objectives

Choosing the right microscope objective for your project is an important part of getting the most out of your instrument. In this article, we will discuss how multiple factors should be considered when selecting a microscope objective.

6 Ways to Clean Immersion Oil off Your Objectives Properly

We know it’s easy to get distracted in the lab — you have samples to prepare and meetings to attend. But taking a minute from your busy routine to clean oil off your objective lenses can ensure good image quality and prevent expensive equipment replacements.

The Right Way to Move Your Microscope Safely

Moving microscopes from one place to another is sometimes necessary. While this can be a fairly easy job, it can sometimes be very intimidating. 

While simple microscopes are portable, Only trained technicians should handle more complicated microscopes.

LED Light Sources for Microscopes

LEDs for microscopes support different lighting methods, including transmitted illumination and reflected illumination (coaxial illumination).

LEDs have now become mainstream. Find out more about halogen vs. LED lighting methods.

The Benefits of Digital Pathology

Modern pathology requires new methods. Pathologists lose out on advantages that cannot be attained with glass slides when they do not adopt digital pathology. There are benefits of digital pathology that are difficult to obtain with glass slides only. Check out the various benefits of digital pathology over traditional microscopy.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Microscope for Your Lab

Almost all laboratories have optical microscopes, which are used for illuminating and magnifying specimens. Although they are simple to operate, optical microscopes have limited resolving power. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) may be more practical if a much better resolution and larger depth of focus are needed.

5 Ways to Make Your Old Microscope Last Longer

Do you have an old microscope, a tight budget, or new research projects on the horizon? Maybe you just need to get more performance out of your microscope for current uses, or you want to repurpose it for a new research project. 

Köhler Illumination Alignment in 6 Simple Steps

Bright, even illumination from a microscope isn’t always as easy as turning on the light source. Since microscopes are complex optical systems, they need care and adjustment to ensure that they are producing top-quality images. Köhler illumination for transmitted light brightfield images is one of the easiest optical alignments.

How to Select the Right Digital Camera for Your Microscope

The format of your instrument, its intended applications, any unique camera needs, and interface with your existing software or hardware are all factors to consider when deciding which one is best for you or your lab.

Keep an eye on your back! Ergonomics: How to Work Comfortably at Your Microscope

Ergonomics and good posture go hand in hand. When you have the right ergonomically designed microscope, you’ll avoid strain and suffering by positioning your body correctly. Ergonomics can also help you be more productive at work by keeping you comfortable and preventing long-term injuries.

How to Make Your Microscope Light Source Perform Better and Last Longer

One of the most crucial components of your microscope is the light source. Correct illumination allows for optimal sample observation, picture capture, and data analysis. There are various approaches to improve your system depending on the type of fluorescence excitation light source (mercury arc lamp, mercury metal-halide lamp, or LED). 

Live Robotic Microscopy and Whole-slide Imaging (WSI) Systems

Mikroscan and Micronix Enter into Distribution Agreement

Mikroscan Technologies, innovators and manufacturers of live robotic microscopy and whole-slide imaging (WSI) systems, announces that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Micronix Systems.

Cleand and Sterilize Your Microscope Best Practices from Olympus

Clean and Sterilize Your Microscope

Viruses can remain infectious on surfaces like metal, glass, or plastic for hours to days. Consequently, cleaning and disinfecting your microscope regularly is important to help keep lab technicians and research staff safe and healthy.

product shot of X-Cite Fluorescence Illuminator

Who's Excited About a Switch from Lamp to LED?

When it comes to illumination solutions, X-Cite Fluorescence Illuminators from Excelitas Technologies shed much light on why LEDs are the way to go.

Socially Distanced Collaboration with Microscope Cameras

Digital Pathology - Socially Distanced Collaboration

As many of us may be working remotely, there are still ways to collaborate with team members and engage with students while using a microscope. We all are adjusting to our new "normal", and here are some answers for contamination-free viewing and continued collaborations.

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