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Live Robotic Microscopy and Whole-slide Imaging (WSI) Systems

Mikroscan and Micronix Enter into Distribution Agreement

Mikroscan Technologies, innovators and manufacturers of live robotic microscopy and whole-slide imaging (WSI) systems, announces that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Micronix Systems.

Cleand and Sterilize Your Microscope Best Practices from Olympus

Clean and Sterilize Your Microscope

Viruses can remain infectious on surfaces like metal, glass, or plastic for hours to days. Consequently, cleaning and disinfecting your microscope regularly is important to help keep lab technicians and research staff safe and healthy.

product shot of X-Cite Fluorescence Illuminator

Who's Excited About a Switch from Lamp to LED?

When it comes to illumination solutions, X-Cite Fluorescence Illuminators from Excelitas Technologies shed much light on why LEDs are the way to go.

Socially Distanced Collaboration with Microscope Cameras

Digital Pathology - Socially Distanced Collaboration

As many of us may be working remotely, there are still ways to collaborate with team members and engage with students while using a microscope. We all are adjusting to our new "normal", and here are some answers for contamination-free viewing and continued collaborations.

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