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Dual Mode Solutions for

Real-Time Telemicroscopy and Digital Pathology

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At Micronix, Our Vision is that Every Patient will Receive the Right Diagnosis from the Right Expert at the Right Time, Regardless of Where they Live in the World.

To accomplish this goal, we provide high-quality telepathology and digital pathology systems that increase efficiencies for busy pathologists and provide decision support for more accurate diagnoses.

  • Improve patient care with faster and more accurate results
  • Generate more revenue by providing subspecialty expertise to rural or remote hospitals
  • Save travel time, improve turnaround time, and save money

Portable and Affordable Desktop Solution

With a footprint of less than 1 square foot, our compact, cost-effective systems can fit anywhere – on a bench, desktop, or even cart for portability. Choose from our L5 remote robotic microscope, which is dedicated to live telepathology, or our dual-mode SL5 system, which performs both live telepathology and whole-slide scanning for digital pathology* applications. Both systems are also available in our new 5-20 Series, which features a 20-slide autoloader.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Live Telemicroscopy

Expand the reach of your pathology services and generate more revenue through live, remote examination.

Make your expertise instantly available for ROSE, frozen sections, and more, by using our L5 live robotic microscopes to remotely perform a comprehensive, traditional microscopic evaluation of the original glass slide specimen.

Digital Pathology

Archive cases easily and securely, increase collaboration, and benefit from analysis-driven decision support using whole-slide images in research, quality assurance, and education.

Watch Our Live Telemicroscopy Video

See how the Live mode of the SL5 system allows pathologists to evaluate glass slides from anywhere in the world.

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