Olympus (CX23 Biological)

User Friendly with Outstanding Optical Performance

Designed for operational ease, the CX23 microscope's unique features accommodates the student and every requirement in the educational setting. This cost-effective system provides easy and safe operation throughout the workflow and ensures outstanding optical performance with large field number (FN) 20. Also, the built-in LED light source provides uniform and stable illumination for long term with low power consumption, and its reduced blue color preserves vivid colors of the sample.

Field Number (FN) of 20

The CX23 allows users to see more with a greater field number than standard microscopes in this class.

Outstanding Image Flatness Plan Achromat Objectives

The CX23 features plan achromat objectives that preserve outstanding image flatness throughout the field of view.

Uniform LED Illumination with Reduced Blue Color

The LED light source provides long life time of 20,000 hours, and offers low power consumption. Also, its reduced blue color preserves vivid colors on HE staining.

A Torque Release Function Prevents Damage

Damage when excessive force is applied to the coarse focus or stage knob is prevented with a built-in torque release function.

Anti-fungal Treatment

Many microscopes are vulnerable to mold and other fungi when used in hot, humid environments. The objectives, eyepieces, and observation tube of the CX23 have all undergone anti-fungus treatment, enabling optimal viewing and greater durability.


Viewing Body
Aluminum die-cast metal frame, protective plastic covering
Eye Piece
10X Field Number (FN): 20 15X Eyepiece (FN): 12 (optional)
Field of View
48 - 75 mm
Plan Achromat, anti-fungal
4X NA 0.1 W.D. 27.8 mm
10X NA 0.25 W.D. 8.0 mm
20X NA 0.4 W.D. 2.5 mm (optional)
40X NA 0.65 W.D. 0.6 mm
100XOil NA 1.25 W.D. 0.13 mm (CX23LEDRFS1 built-in, CX23LEDRFS2/RTFS2 optional)
- Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with oil immersion
- Built-in aperture iris diaphragm
Fixed quadruple revolving nosepiece with inward tilt
Wire movement mechanical fixed stage
- Size (W x D): 174 mm x 89 mm
- Traveling range (X x Y): 76 mm x 30 mm
- Specimen holder
- Specimen position scale
Built-in transmited illumination system
LED power consumption: 0.5 W (nominal value)
- Stage height movement
- Coarse movement stroke: 15 mm
- Coarse adjustment limit stopper
- Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob
- Fine focus knob (minimum adjustment gradations: 2.5 um)
198 mm x 398 mm x 386 mm

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