Labomed (PRIMA GN)

PRIMA microscope systems offer a brand new dimension in performance, flexibility and economy in diagnostics and surgery. PRIMA packs a high level of performance in its small package. Its compact design is tailored to optimize use of limited operating room space. From outpatient clinics to sugeries, PRIMA offers flexibility and performance to serve every clinical requirement in the field of gynecology. Combining superb optical performance with modern style and ergonomics, PRIMA is task master for your microscopy needs in diagnostics and surgery. PRIMA is a multi-talented system that can be easily configured for use where patients are to be supine or seated in an examination chair. Regions of interest come into sharp focus through our meticulously designed apochromatic optical system. Preconfigured systems can be further customized or extended with a host of accessories to suit your individual needs. PRIMA incorporates a highly efficient 27W LED coupled with a patented optical design and a 6mm fiber-optic/liquid light guide that come together to deliver a cool light with lumens equivalent to a 150W halogen bulb. The LED switches off automatically when the suspension arm is moved to its top-most, or park position. A rotary potentiometer control is conveniently located above the observation head to provide smooth, flicker-free variation in illumination intensity.


Mobile stand with 4 anti static wheels with brakes
Viewing Body
Straight, f = 170mm focal length
Eye Piece
Wide Field 10x/16mm with eye guards
Apochromatic magnichanger 0.4x, 0.6x, 1.0x, 1.6x, & 2.5x With a focal point of 300mm.
27W LED built in light source with green filter.
Assistant Binocular attachment, iVu OP Beam splitter integrated digital camera Module; Double Beam Splitter; 0-210 degree inclinable ergo tube.

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