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OB/GYN equipment allows medical personnel to improve care of female reproductive health and management of pregnancy. Physicians rely on microscopes for wet mounts to assist in the diagnosis of many infections. A colposcope is used to identify visible clues suggestive of abnormal tissue. High magnification together with a green filter is often used to identify certain vascular patterns that may indicate the presence of more advanced pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions.

At Micronix Systems, we are pleased to offer both microscopes and colposcopes, making us the total solution for your OB-GYN practice!

Labomed (eVA Colposcope)

OB/GYNs should be equipped with the best tools to make diagnostic assessments simpler and more accurate. Brilliant optics in the eVA colposcope reveal the most subtle lesions or atypical vascular patterns and provide improved control over biopsies, with sharp details extending all the way to the peripheral margins.

Doctors are further supported by unique features such as an ergonomic control cluster, vertical height adjustment with EZLift, and an onboard 50W LED illuminator for bright, white, and unwavering light.

eVA Colposcope
CX23 Biological

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