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The Right Way to Move Your Microscope Safely

Moving microscopes from one place to another is sometimes necessary. While this can be a fairly easy job, it can sometimes be very intimidating. 

While simple microscopes are portable, Only trained technicians should handle more complicated microscopes.

The following are the procedures for moving basic microscopes:

1. Pick an appropriate location to move the microscope to.
Choose a location for the microscope first that has enough room to move around and is near a power outlet. Place your microscope on a stable, clean, and level countertop or bench.

Some critical safety and maintenance tips for microscopes:

  • Never set a mat down below the lens.
  • Avoid using the microscope in locations where it may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as direct sunshine, high temperatures, humidity, dust, or vibrations, as these can impair its performance.

2. Get the magnifier ready for travel.
Before transferring the microscope to the new place, properly prepare it. To do this, adhere to these recommendations:

  • Turn off the power to the lens and any attached devices, such as a camera or fluorescence light source.
  • Take the sample out of the lens.
  • Remove all wires and cords from the microscope by unplugging them. Move the microscope to its new position with care.
  • Pick up the microscope frame cautiously and firmly as directed in your product manual. Never move the frame while holding the stage, observation lens, or focusing knob as this could harm the microscope. 

Keep in mind that a microscope is a precise tool. Place the microscope gently where it will avoid harsh or sudden impacts that could harm the optics and other sensitive parts.

3. Carefully carry the microscope to its new location.

Important: never hold the stage, observation tube, or focusing knob when moving the frame, as this can damage the microscope. The microscope model determines where to place your hands. 

4. Set the lens up correctly.
After relocating the microscope, configure the system in accordance with the directions in your product handbook. 

In order to keep your system operating correctly and maintain good lab hygiene, remember to clean your microscope during setup. 

Do you need help moving a microscope? We're ready to assist.
Contact us for professional advice and assistance if you have any concerns or need help moving your microscope. 

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