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Digital Pathology - Socially Distanced Collaboration

As many of us may be working remotely, there are still ways to collaborate with team members and engage with students while using a microscope. We all are adjusting to our new "normal", and the use of microscopy cameras provides answers for contamination-free viewing.

Remote Collaborations

Microscopy cameras enable pathologists to collaborate with colleagues and share images from a distance via USB and HDMI. Slide reviews, which generally involve an attending pathologist and one or more trainees, who gather around a multihead microscope, are longer safe or practical. Many are embracing the virtual format, enabling pathologists with cameras on their microscopes to share and discuss slides virtually. These images can also be saved in patient's files for future reference.

Colleges and universities may be still remote, but teachers can engage with their students with the aid of a microscopy camera. Yes, the students won't be able to touch, feel, or adjust the microscope like they were sitting right in front of it, but you can still show a variety of educational microscope content to your students virtually.

We offer many cameras, for all microscopes, applications and budgets.

Socially Distanced Collaboration with Microscope Cameras

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