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Olympus (CX33 Biological Microscope)

Ultimate Comfort for Routine Microscopy
The CX33 microscope enable users to remain comfortable during long periods of routine microscopy observations and is designed for less demanding requirements than the CX43, using only brightfield and darkfield, making the CX33 microscope a great option. The low positioned nosepiece and stage, focusing lock, specimen holder, and inward quadruple revolving nosepiece make the CX33 microscope well-suited for everyday observations in one easy configuration.

Maintain Preferred Observation Conditions with Minimal Adjustments

  • Uniform Illumination with Consistent Color Temperature

  • Select and Set Your Optimally Chosen Contrast Level

  • Excellent Optical Performance for Flat Images

  • Change Magnification without Adjusting the Condenser

Remain Comfortable during Extended Usage

  • Single-Handed Sample Specimen Placement

  • Use Up to Five Objectives

  • Ergonomically-Smooth Magnification Change

  • Ergonomically-Positioned Focus Knob

  • Ergonomic Stage and Eyepiece Position

  • Specimen Holders that Match Your Observation Style

Versatile Applications
The universal condenser offers a variety of observation methods and future upgradability. In combination with the five-position revolving nosepiece, multiple applications can be covered using the single microscope frame.


Eye Piece
10X | 20mm
Field of View
48 - 75 mm
4 position turret with 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X Plan Achromat, anti-fungal objectives
- 2x objective available for Mohs Surgery microscope applications
- Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with oil immersion
- Built-in aperture iris diaphragm
Fixed quadruple nosepiece with inward tilt
- Wire movement mechanical fixed stage, (W x D): 211 mm x 154 mm
- Traveling range (X x Y): 76 mm x 52 mm
- Single specimen holder (optional: double specimen holder, sheet holder )
- Specimen position scale
- Stage XY movement stopper
- Built-in transmited illumination system
- Kohler illumination (fixed field diaphragm)
- LED power consumption 2.4 W (nominal value), precentered
- Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 15 mm )
- Stroke per rotation for coarse adjustment knob: 36.8 mm, Focusing stopper
- Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob
- Fine focus knob (minimum adjustment gradations: 2.5 um)