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Delivering Superior Illumination & Performance

Micronix offers you the latest lightweight, wireless, and cordless surgical LED headlights - the Identify Chrome MC7 PRO, MC6, and MC3 - all manufactured to ISO standards in the United States and sold with a 2 year warranty. The leading-edge LED illumination technology of Identify Chrome headlights can more than double the brightness of standard LEDs or conventional headlights. Available in a range of 100,000 to 275,000 LUX, these medical headlamps provide a remarkable, low-temperature operating brightness without the undesirable heat generated by traditional halogen models.

Untethered Power and Maximum Comfort

Weighing in at just 11ounces each, Identity Chrome headlights provide precise, bright white light in a fully adjustable, ergonomic design. Powerful streamlined battery technologies integrated into the headstraps enable total freedom of movement for your medical procedures. This eliminates the need for bulky belt packs or restrictive tethering cables. The lithium polymer batteries produce long-lasting wireless power at full brightness and can be hot-swapped for infinite periods of use. Put the power of performance to work for you - own the Identify Chrome advantage.

"I purchased the Chrome headlight and my experience has been outstanding. It is far and away the best headlight on the market. It is cordless, lightweight, and the power of the light improves your ability to operate. The customer service was outstanding. As a practicing Neurosurgeon who does a great deal of spine surgery, I would recommend the Chrome headlight over any I have ever tried or owned. It is definitely a worthwhile and needed investment for a surgeon. I recommend this product without reservation!"

-Dr. Craig Shannon, MD, New York (Neurosurgery)

"I have been using the CHROME headlamp for a few months now and I can say that I have been quite pleased with it. This is the best system by far that I have used. It's convenient, has great functionality, and I love the fact that it's cordless. That is one thing that I need when I am in the operating room. I would definitely recommend this headlamp to others."

-Dr. Branko Prpa, MD